Turning Your Unmannered Mutt Into A Gracious Dog

Worried your dog will run off from you as soon as you let them off the lead?
Constantly coming home to chewed up socks, rubbish or furniture after leaving your dog alone?
Fed up of having your arm pulled off as your dog pulls you around the park?

If your looking for a personalised training for your pawticular problems then private training is for you.
Allowing you to have your situation assessed so you get a perfectly tailored to you and your dog. With highly flexible sessions to fit in with your day to day life.

As well as your relaxed and fun training sessions with your dog you will also get a training plan homework to help you practice your training at home to keep improving. Ensuring your able to tackle any issues you have in between session. Plus exclusive access to extra training advice to accelerate your dog's training.

Pawticular Training Packages


1 Trick Wonder
Puppy and basic obedience training

  • 1 1/2 hrs in your home with you and your dog

  • Helping you understand your dog's behaviour

  • Demonstrating and practicing training 

  • Follow up call 1 week after


Making everyday life with your pooch pawfect

  • 3x 1hour sessions in your home or out and about 

  • Building foundation skills and implementing them when they are needed 

  • Follow up call 1 week after training 


Invisible Canine
Ensuring your dog is trained for any situation

  • 2x 1 hour with me. I'll do the hard work of implementing the foundation training

  • 2x 1-hour hand over sessions with you and your dog so you feel confident implementing training when it's needed 

  • Follow up call 1 week after 


Struggle to find time to train your  dog?
I'll train them for you

  • 4x 1-hour session just me and your dog 

  • Intense training sessions to work towards your training goal

  • Hand over to ensure you are able to keep up with training 

Cookapoo Dog

Puppy Home School 

Turning your problem pup into a pup start! 


From avoiding toileting accidents in the living room, saving your hand from puppy teeth attacks, making sure your bored pup doesn’t destroy your carpet or starting some basic training skills.

Over 3, 1hour, 1-2-1 session we will be working together to start your pups training journey stopping them becoming a problem pup. With these flexible training sessions, we are able to work on areas which you are struggling with.

Each session is from the comfort of your own home and Ideal for starting your puppy’s training journey, even if your pups not had their full set of vaccinations yet.


Recall Rescue

Does your dog ignore you when they are off lead? Runs away from you? Are you chasing them around the park? Fed up of not having control of them?

Recall rescue helps you become more confident with letting your dog off lead. We will not only work on improving your dogs recall. Especially around distractions.


But also work with your dog being off lead so they want to stay close with you, ignore distractions. Stopping them running off to other dogs or chasing birds, rabbits or deer’s.

Giving you more confidence letting your dog off lead and stopping your dog running off.

4 - 1 hour session.


Online Private Training


Video Call Consultation

1:30 hour consultation cvideo call.


Cute Dog

Quick Call Catch Up

30 min catch up call


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