Is your dog difficult to walk because they are reactive, nervous or untrained?

Are you unable to provide them with the exercise that they need because of your work?

A reactive, nervous or untrained dog which doesn't receive enough exercise can quickly spiral into an uncontrollable dog. Lack of exercise can lead to more beahvioual problem. This would lead to you dreading walking your dog.

My Tranquil Treks are perfect for your dog. Specifically tailored to reduce reactivity and improve training.

Each trek is picked specifically for your dog to provide them with plenty of exercises in a highly enriching environment. Trecks are secluded, just your dog and me. To ensure that your dog is safe while they are having lots of fun exploring the beautiful country and woodland treks. While your dog has lots of fun playing games, being trained and exploring the countryside and woodland round you can ensure they are in safe hands. When you return from work, you can be ensured that your dog is happy and well exercised.



1 Hour Treks

Forages through the woodland, countryside and your local dog tracks. 

Your dog's trek includes:

Chauffer to each location

Lots of treats, general or specific if your dog has dietary needs

Clean off after muddy days (we are not afraid to get down and dirty)

Food and water top ups

Lots of games that tap into your dog natural tracking, chasing and retrieving instincts.

£18 per hour



30 Min Stroll

A steady stroll at your dogs pace around local areas or to close by woodland/fields

Letting your dog take the lead. At their pace wherever their nose takes them. Allowing your dog to sniff is highly enriching and stimulating for your dog.


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