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Puppy Home School

Looking to train your new puppy all the manners and basic training skills they need to be a Gracious Dog?


But unable to make it to puppy primary school.


See how Puppy home School gives you all the training from Puppy Primary School…Online!


Where you AND your puppy not only learn the basic skills to allow your puppy to grow into a gracious dog. As well as building your bond with your new family member, grow your relationship, learn to listen to each other and become your best friend. Ultimately stopping future problems.

But you dot have to miss out on this!


What you get in Puppy Home School:

·         5 classes including all the basic skills and manners your puppy should know 

·         Detail videos of how to train them 

·         Demonstration Videos 

·         Bonus training tip video

·         Unlimited access for 6 months 

·         Exclusive content and offers

All yours for £45


Dog Friends

Social Canines

Do not let your dog turn into a rebellious hound or unsocial pooch.

We all want our new pups and dogs to be friendly with other dog and people. As well as being able to adapt to new situations, experiences and places. Making them a happy, confident and social canine.

In the social canine club, you and your dog will lean all the social skills to make sure your pup is the most popular pooch in the park.


What is included.

  • Socialisation Games and Activities

  • Confidence Boosting Activities

  • Sound hound playlist (Getting your dogs used to those scary noises like fireworks, drilling and the dreaded hoover)

  • Unlimited access for 6 months

All yours for £45


Puppy Power Package

2 tricks, 1 treat!

Puppy Primary School AND Social Canines In One Package!

We know that puppy training and socialisation come hand in hand. After all our dogs learn a lot of their social skills while they are still puppies.


So, using both skills which you learn from Puppy Home School and Social Canines will help your pup go from problem puppy to gracious dog.

So why not get the Puppy Power Package Today for just £75

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