Owning a new puppy is a confusing and difficult time. You want to do everything right, so you don’t end up with a troublesome teen pup, that soon turns into an unmannered mutt.

But with our current social distancing situation we are unable to socialise our pups, get them out and about or even come to puppy primary school classes. Which means you and your pup will miss out on all the essential training to teach them good manners, how choose good behaviours and interact with people and other dogs. Making the chance of a troublesome teen pup and an unmannered mutt even higher.

But do not fear!

Through the magic of the internet I am here to rescue you from your pup turning into a troublesome pup. By still teaching you how to train your puppy manners, self-control, all basic command and socialisation.

The online course will be included:

·         6 weekly live webinars

·         Weekly 121 video/phone calls

·         Bonus videos

·         Relays of all webinars


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