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School Was Never so Much Fun


Puppy Primary School

Owning a new puppy is a confusing and difficult time. You want to do everything right so you don't end up with a troublesome teen pup. That soon grows to an unmannered mutt.

Bringing your puppy to Puppy Primary School is the best thing you can do for them and yourself. You will learn all the skills needed to successfully train your pup.

Your pup will learn:

All basic commands 

Walking nicely so you can enjoy relaxing walks without having your arm pulled off

Recall so your dog doesn't give you the run about and can come back whenever they are called.

Food manners to save your Sunday dinner form being the dog dinner

and having fun training your dog


Teen Pups

Teen pups training takes the training out of the classes room and into the big wide world. Many times new puppy owners struggle to transfer the skills they have learned in puppy classes to the real world.

Teen Pups ensure that you and your pup have an easy and effective transition to the real world. The main goal of these classes is a picnic in the park. But before you start envisioning your dog snatching sandwiches, legging it to see other dogs, stealing the sausages or throwing them self on all the kids. We have 6 weeks to practice all the skills we need to have our dogs relaxing in the park while we enjoy our sandwiches and sausages.