Looking for a class to train your new puppy or unmannered dog?

In a small group where you will be able to get the hands on help with your dog training.

At an outdoor training field giving you plenty of space where you won’t be distracted by other dogs.

With a friendly and positive trainer who will help through each training class.

Where we will be using fun reward-based training to train your dog.

Puppy Primary School

6 Week Puppy Training Course

New pup? Want to start their training off on the right paw?

Brining your new pup home is an exciting but confusing time


What do I do when they start nipping, how do I stop them pulling on the lead, will I ever trust them off lead?

Puppy Primary School helps you and your dog build confidence and foundation training skills to help you through those difficult times. Throughout the 6 weeks, we will work on building your dog’s focus, calmness, confidence, engagement, social skills and so much more. Improving these through fun, relaxed and positive training.


Recall Rescue

4 Week Recall Training Course

Does your dog ignore you when off lead, runs away from you, are you chasing them around the park or fed up of having no control of them.

Over the 4 weeks we will be improving your dog’s recall so that they are able to come back to you when you call. No matter what distractions they must come away from. As well learning how to keep your dog from running off when off lead, ignoring distractions and keeping close to you no matter where you go.

So, you can both enjoy walkies again.


Training Classes FAQs
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