Puppy Home School

Looking to train your new puppy all the manners and basic training skills why need?

But unable to make it to puppy primary school.


See how Puppy home School gives you all the training from Puppy Primary School…Online!

Online Private Training

Looking for that personal touch with your training to help you get through those difficult times with your dog.

Book a 121 video call with me for your individual training plan specifically for you and your dog.

Social Canines

Do not let your dog turn into a rebellious hound or unsocial pooch.


Learn how to socialise your dogs so they are not only friendly with other dogs and people. But confidence going in all-new experiences and places. Turning your dogs into social and confident canines

Puppy Home School And

Social Canines

Both Puppy training and socialisation come hand in hand. You can do both Puppy Home School and Social Canines together.

Online Services

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